Field Trip Time ….
Creation Kingdom Zoo is an incredible place for a Field Trip. Learn more in a morning on the wild side than a week in the classroom! Kids of all ages will learn something new at our Zoo. It’s an educational and fun time. Attend our Keeper Talks to learn fascinating and weird facts about our residents, purchase food to feed Lemurs, Giraffes, Zebra and more! We know how to get your group connected! Remember to download our App on your smartphone to get the most from your adventure! Contact us today to get more info and group pricing.

Did you know?
Our Facebook page is famous for giving weird animal facts and event information each day. And our FREE interactive App is available for download on Apple and Android phones/tablets. If you ever wondered if Hyenas really laugh or if tigers really sleep 20 hours per day you might find out. Follow us on Facebook  and download our free App and learn something new everyday.