Red Fronted Amazon Parrot

The Red Fronted Amazon Parrot lives in the rainforests of North, Central and South America. The majority of them being found in Panama. Like many parrots, the Red Fronted Amazons eat a lot of seeds, fruit, berries, nuts, blossoms, and buds. They have even been known to eat coffee beans.
The average weight for the Red Fronted Amazons is between 11-17 oz. with an overall length of 12-13 inches. They have a long lifetime expectancy coming in at 75-80 years!

Red Fronted Amazon Parrots tend to often live sedentary lives staying in the same place for long periods of time. They live in large flocks, however, during the breeding season they live in pairs. Red Fronted Amazons, are monogamous and are thought to mate for life. Mated pairs will often be seen flying together. Normal behavior for mated pairs will also include preening and even feeding their partners. During breeding season, the pair will nest in a hollow tree and lay between 2-5 eggs.

Even though they maybe small, their calls are loud. They can have a wide variety of sounds including, screeching and high-pitched sounds. Unless resting or eating, they tend to be noisy. They do have the ability to mimic but only when in captivity.