Sacred Ibis

In Ancient Egypt, the Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) was worshiped as the god Thoth and was supposed to preserve the country from plaques and serpents. They were often mummified by ancient Egyptians and have been discovered buried alongside pharaohs. The Sacred Ibis is an ancient species with fossil records.
The Scared Ibis travels in groups of 2-20 individuals although they have been known to occasionally flock in larger groups of up to 300 birds. They live in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Iraq. The Scared Ibis weighs in about 1-3 lbs. and can be 30 inches in length. Their average lifespan is 20 years.
The normal diet consist of small animals, vertebrates, and invertebrates, insects, insect-larvae, amphibians and other small aquatic animals.