Violet Turaco

Violaceous Turacos, also known as “violet plantain eaters” are large turaco and despite their bright colors they are often quite indistinguishable in the dense canopy of the forest. These forest include the forests of west and central Africa. Violet turacos aren’t the best flyers, but they easily navigate their forest habitat by running along branches. They have semizyodactylous toes, which means the outer toe can move forward or backward depending on the situation (running along branches versus perching, for instance)

Violaceous Turacos weigh on average only 12 oz and have an average length of about 19 inches. These Turacos prefer to live in small flocks, however, during nesting they are solitary. Both parents will contribute equally to incubation, brooding and feeding of their young. Adults will feed their chicks predigested fruit. The normal diet for adult Violet turacos is fruits, berries, figs, leaves, buds, flowers, insects, snails and seeds.  Despite their size, the Violet turacos have a loud ‘cooroo-cooroo’ call.