Little is know about the elusive Fossa, Madagascar’s top predator, mainly because there are not very many of them. It looks like a cross between a cat, weasel and monkey, but its closet relative appears to be the mongoose. It’s name is pronounced FOO-sah (Some people say “Foosh” instead).The Fossa has formidable claws and specialized foot joints that allow it to climb up or down trees. Solitary except for breeding, Fossa females choose a tree and limb that will only support the weight of the breeding couple. Lemurs are the main diet of the Fossa. The Fossa will also eat lizards, frogs, rodents birds, reptiles and have been known to include small domestic animals such as pigs or poultry into their diets as well.

The average lifespan in captivity is 20 years with the average size being 2 ½ feet in length and a weight of 20-25 lbs.

The Fossa is currently listed as endangered. The biggest issues facing the Fossa right now are deforestation and human hunting them.