Miniature Zebu

Miniature Zebu Cattle are one of the four popular miniature cattle breeds in the United States. There is little history on this particular miniature cattle breed because it dates back to somewhere around 3000B.C. This actually makes it the oldest known cattle breed.

It is believed that the Zebu originated in the southern part of India and in Sri Lanka in Asia. In America the dates of the first Miniature Zebu Cattle are cloudy. But, there is an indication that this breed of miniature cattle had no imports to America from 1960 to 1990 and there were few breeders of Miniature Zebu Cattle, mostly being zoos.In 1991, things started changing in the world of Miniature Zebu Cattle. The International Miniature Zebu Association was formed on April 10, 1991.

This organization was created by 29 Miniature Zebu owners and other people interested in the miniature cattle. This same year a private survey was conducted through out the United States which identified 50 Miniature Zebu breeders who had a total of 118 bulls and 289 cows as well as 23 zoos who had a total of 25 bulls and 42 cows. Today there are over 177 breeders of Miniature Zebu Cattle in the United States.