Sloth Bear

Sloth Bears are one of the most endangered bears on the planet with only 46 captive individuals in the Western Hemisphere.

Unique among bear species, the majority of their diet is composed of insects, particularly termites and ants. Breaking open a termite mound with its strong front claws, the sloth bear will then insert its snout and blow away earth and dust before sucking the termites into their mouth. The lack of upper incisors creates a channel through which the bear sucks insects, and they are able to voluntarily close their nostrils, which prevents the inhalation of dust. Sloth bears also feed on honey, enduring the stings of bees to obtain honeycombs, as well as eggs, carrion, vegetation and fruits when in season.

The babies also ride on their mothers backs for 2 years. Breeding season is between late June and early August after which 1-2 cubs are born. The cubs weigh approximately 12 ounces and are born with their eyes closed.

Creation Kingdom Zoos Sloth Bears are Kramer and Kmari. The 2014 season will be their first full breeding season together as a pair. Kramer has successfully sired two litters of cubs. Kmari came of reproductive age the fall of 2013.