Albifrons Lemur

The Albifrons Lemur is a medium-sized lemur with a horizontal posture, which is suited to the Albifrons Lemur predominantly quadrupedal mode of movement. The Albifrons Lemur is also capable of leaping considerable distances, their long furry tails assisting them in maintaining their balance. The Albifrons Lemur is generally dark brown with a lighter underside. Males have a black face surrounded by a distinctive snowy white forehead, crown, beard and throat. The head, face and muzzle of the female are dark grey, but without the bushy cheeks of the male.

The Albifrons Lemur live in cohesive groups without a noticeable hierarchy, generally numbering from 3 to 12 individuals, although five to seven seems to be average. Breeding occurs in June with a single offspring born between September and October, after a gestation period of approximately 120 days. They can live up to 30 years.

his species is cathemeral, meaning it is active at varying times throughout the day and night. Fruit, mature leaves, flowers, bark, sap, soil, insects, centipedes and millipedes form the bulk of this lemur’s diet.