Black Spider Monkey

The spider monkey is found in the tropical jungles of South America, from Southern Mexico to Brazil. The spider monkey generally dos not enter the further southern regions of South America as the terrain becomes mountainous and not to the spider monkey’staste.

There are four different types of spider monkey, all of which are fairly large in size and get to around 50cm tall, plus the spider monkey’s tail which can often grow longer than the spider monkey’s body.

The spider monkey is thought to get it’s name from the way the spider monkeys can be seen hanging in the trees. The spider monkey can often be seen with all four hands on separate branches, so the spider monkey looks like a spider’s web. The spider monkey can also hang from branches by it’s strong tail, which gives the spider monkey spider-like attributes.

The spider monkey mainly eats fruits and berries and spider monkeys are a thought to play a vital part in spreading the seeds of many plants throughout the South American rain forests.

The spider monkey also eats insects and small reptiles for protein and also honey which the spider monkey finds it. Due to the extensive hunting of the spider monkey from both humans and bigger jungle animals such as the jaguar and the crocodile, all four species of spider monkey are now considered to be endangered or critically endangered.